Hi, my name is Gene (Eugene) Trinkler.  I am a son of Clifford Trinkler and sixth generation descendent of Gabriel Trinkler born in 1796, who Immigrated from Weimar Bavaria to New Orleans, Louisiana aboard the SS Empire City. Their arrival date was June 12, 1855. 

Gabriel's group of 10 people appeared to be made up of Gabriel / Margareta Trinkler's family of Johanna, Georg and Catharine, possible daughter in law Rosette family of Christine, possible daughter in law Chatarine family of Carl (Charles) and Christina. Most of the group was found in the Saint Louis, Missouri area.  This web site includes all members found but is focused on the Charles Trinkler family who I am a descendent of.

Our goal is to put together a family genealogy with as much visual (photos) as we can locate. 

This project is intended to also provide an archive of our family for the current generations to review and for generations still to be born.  We currently have 9 generations listed through our family line.

As with any family research, this is an ongoing project and we will continue to collect information and pictures to update the web site as often as we can.

We welcome all information and pictures.  Please provide your documentation when we need to make a change to existing information.   Please go to the contact page to provide same.


My sister, Bertha Marie Hutson started this project and since her untimely demise I decided I would take her material, continue with her research and expand it to include photos. Basic family information was provided by my sister ( she received information from Georgia Boyte (cousin), Georgia’s son Don Overlin’s research notes) and my brother George Emmett Trinkler has assisted with new information.  Thanks for all the Trinkler descendents for their input about our family. My son Michael Trinkler has provided help (lots) in setting up the web site. Additionally, I would like to thanks my children for supporting me and purchasing a web host for this web site.

There are some assumptions made to continue on but we will make correction, if needed, as we find documentation.  

I hope you enjoy the family information and photos and are willing to share the same with my family.




Gene Trinkler

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About The Trinkler Family

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